Quartz Tiles


Special composition, ready to use water-based, quartz primer

Depending on the painting style and the surface absorption






Special composition, ready to use water-based, quartz primer. It presents very good adhesion to non-porous, glossy surfaces as well as to surfaces with low absorbency creating a very good and rough substrate for the final coating. the product is ideal for surfaces like ceramic tiles, wood, cement, plasterboard, galvanized steel, aluminium, glass, as well as to surfaces previously painted with emulsion or alkyd paints.


  • Ready to use
  • Contains special water-borne synthetic resins.
  • Very good adhesion to tiles, galvanized, aluminum, glass, etc.
  • Resistance to alkaline substrates
  • Increased hydrophobia by protecting the incoming humidity
  • It also develops adhesion on surfaces with higher humidity content than usual (> 4%)
  • Ideal substrate for DECO CIRE
  • Almost odorless
  • Very low organic solvent content.
  • One component with exceptional ease of use.