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Discover the inspiration and excellence of our colours, designed to transform your spaces. Whether you are an individual looking for DIY solutions or professional architects, engineers or builders, here you will find the completeness and quality you need.

Explore our variety of products, from traditional colors to modern shades, and discover the techniques that will help you achieve the desired result.

We're here to help you create stunning spaces full of color and style. Welcome to our community

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Discover our full range of products that covers every need and phase of construction. From special formulated coatings which upgrade any space, to specialized varnishes that provide long time protection, we provide the ideal solution through our coatings.

Discover our innovative products.

Systems & Combinations

Structured coatings combinations for application systems that provide thermal insulating, microcement and decoration solutions.

Innovations - Quality - Certifications

We invest steadily and on an annual basis in research and development of new colors, color combinations and styles that we consider necessary to meet the needs of our market.

The Research & Development Department participates crucially in this direction while using a vast range of modern laboratory equipment. All the necessary tests and QC checks are operated on a daily basis with raw materials friendly to the end user and the Environment to regular or new coating procedures.

BERLING is at the forefront of developments and follows with great interest new technology systems, new ideas to create and use functional structures through nanotechnology, while placing at the same time particular emphasis on the development of new building and ecological products.

All products

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International Presence

Our goal is to brand our high quality paints and varnish to all over the globe. We proudly offer our coatings in 25 countries developing constantly our International Profile.

With our combined experience and high expertise, we offer tailor-made solutions that meet the requirements of our customers around the world. We acknowledge the importance of quality and reliability, which is why we offer products that exceed our customers' expectations.

We constantly seek to improve our technology and processes in order to produce high quality and performance coatings. Our experience in the field along with the international presence allow us to understand the needs and preferences of our customers in different countries.

We trust the quality of our products to promote our international character. Our mission is to spread the value of our products to new markets and establish our reputation as a trusted supplier of paints and varnishes worldwide.

We aim to evolve and develop always with the prospect of the global market. We continue to invest in research and development to offer advanced and innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers around the world.

With our reliability, our commitment to quality and the pursuit of excellence, we aim to be the desired partner for our customers around the world and continue to strengthen our export character.

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We at Berling have promised that every year we will offer new experiences to our partners and every year we achieve this by offering new technologically innovative products.

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