Impregnating wood varnish






Silicon based Impregnation wood varnish, containing special waxes which protect the wood from dampness, and act as a water repellent. The product is totally absorbed in to the wood, while allowing the surface to breathe and reject moisture. It also protects new wooden surfaces from peeling-off, while at the same time it contains special additives which prevent mould growth on the surface of the varnish. Color Shades:
  • Light Oak
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Chestnut
  • Oregon
  • Teak
  • Pine
  • Mahogany
  • Blue
  • Green

  • Penetrating
  • Antimould
  • Anti-fungal
  • Wood Preservative
  • According to 2004/42/EC
  • New Product
Product Category: WOOD VARNISHES

Item Codes – Description – Barcodes

113060.075LSILICON PINE 0.750lt5204660068683
113060.2.5LSILICON PINE 2.5Lt5204660068690
113061.075LSILICON OAK LIGHT 0.750lt5204660068706
113061.2.5LSILICON OAK LIGHT 2.5Lt5204660068713
113062.075LSILICON OAK 0.750lt5204660068720
113062.2.5LSILICON OAK 2.5Lt5204660068737
113063.075LSILICON ΤΙΚ 0.750lt5204660068744
113063.2.5LSILICON ΤΙΚ 2.5Lt5204660068751
113064.075LSILICON CHESNUT 0.750lt5204660068768
113064.2.5LSILICON CHESNUT 2.5Lt5204660068775
113065.075LSILICON WALNUT 0.750lt5204660068782
113065.2.5LSILICON WALNUT 2.5Lt5204660068799
113066.075LSILICON MAHOGANY 0.750lt5204660068805
113066.2.5LSILICON MAHOGANY 2.5Lt5204660068812
113067.075LSILICON OREGON 0.750lt5204660068829
113067.2.5LSILICON OREGON 2.5Lt5204660068836
113068.075LSILICON GREEN 0.750lt5204660068843
113068.2.5LSILICON GREEN 2.5Lt5204660068850
113069.075LSILICON BLUE 0.750lt5204660068867
113069.2.5LSILICON BLUE 2.5Lt5204660068874
113170.075LSILICON ROSE 0,750Lt5204660094873
113170.2.5LSILICON ROSE 2.5Lt5204660094897
113171.075LSILICON WILD CHERRY 0.750lt5204660094903
113171.2.5LSILICON WILD CHERRY 2.5Lt5204660094880

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