High quality thixotropic, impregnation and wax, water based varnish in the form of gel.






High quality, transparent or colored, thixotropic, impregnation wood varnish, in the form of gel. Its main characteristic is that it does not drip but it liquefies during its application with brush, resulting in better penetration into the wood. For the protection of wood from mold, fungus and insect attacks it is required to use a wood preservative as an undercoat. It contains absorbents of UV radiation and special waxes that protect against UV and humidity. Its special additives provide waterproof properties so that it can protect deeply the wood from humidity and bad weather conditions, while it allows the wood to breath and it also prevents the varnish from peel off. It is suitable for exterior and interior use giving the surface a slightly satin appearance. It can be used on wooden houses, wooden roofs, beams, wooden windows, stairs, furniture, etc. Color Shades:
  • Light Oak
  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Oregon
  • Mahogany
  • Green
  • Pine
  • Teak
  • Chestnut
  • Wild cherry
  • Rose
  • Blue

    • Gel form.
    • Satin finish.
    • High penetration.
    • Protects from humidity.
    • Protects from ultraviolet radiation and difficult weather conditions.
    • It allows the wood to breath and minimizes the risk of peel off.
    • Easy to apply. It does not drip during its application.
    • ACCORDING TO 2004/42/EC
Product Category: WOOD VARNISHES

Item Codes – Description – Barcodes

113027.075LGEL WATER MAHOGANY 075L5204660091759
113027.2.5LGEL WATER MAHOGANY 2.5L5204660091766
113028.075LGEL WATER OREGON 075LT5204660091773
113028.2.5LGEL WATER OREGON 2.5LT5204660091780
113029.075LGEL WATER WALNUT 075L5204660091797
113029.2.5LGEL WATER WALNUT 2.5L5204660091803
113030.075LGEL WATER PINE 075L5204660091810
113030.2.5LGEL WATER PINE 2.5L5204660091827
113031.075LGEL WATER CHESTNUT 075LT5204660091834
113031.2.5LGEL WATER CHESTNUT 2.5L5204660091841
113032.075LGEL WATER TEAK 075L5204660091858
113032.2.5LGEL WATER TEAK 2.5L5204660091865
113033.075LGEL WATER LIGHT OAK 075L5204660091872
113033.2.5LGEL WATER LIGHT OAK5204660091889
113034.075LGEL WATER OAK 075L5204660091896
113034.2.5LGEL WATER OAK5204660091902
113035.075LGEL WATER GREEN 075LT5204660091919
113035.2.5LGEL WATER GREEN 2,5LT5204660091926
113036.075LGEL WATER BLUE 075LT5204660091933
113036.2.5LGEL WATER BLUE 2,5LT5204660091940
113037.075LGEL WATER ROSE 075Lt5204660094958
113037.2.5LGEL WATER ROSE 2.5Lt5204660095009
113038.075LGEL WATER WILD CHERRY 075Lt5204660094972
113038.2.5LGEL WATER WILD CHERRY 2.5Lt5204660094989

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