Forced screed microcement
for horizontal and vertical surfaces ready for use
In Greece the traditional technique of forced screed, is synonymous with the elegant decorative effects that we see in Cyclades islands. The forced screed is stylish, durable and gives a rugged surface without cracks, ensuring excellent adhesion and great mechanical strength. BERLING’s DECO CIRE is a ready for use pasty monolithic mortar designed for application on vertical and horizontal surfaces. Due to its special composition it provides an aesthetically excellent and smooth finish of traditional Cycladic coating in the shade of white, grey and many more countless shades. DECO CIRE is tinted in indelible shades from the fandeck Feel BERLING and FEEL & DESIGN, as well as in RAL shades through Colour Studio, BERLING's Colour System.
It is suitable for structural surfaces such as floors, walls, stairs, built units, tiles, bathrooms as well as non-structural surfaces such as wooden furniture, tables, etc. BERLING’s DECO CIRE can be used indoors and outdoors once the appropriate recommended system is applied. It protects all surfaces from everyday wear, weather and mechanical stresses whilst providing an excellent aesthetic effect of high standards. DECO CIRE is available in medium and fine granulometry to allow the creation of an excellent aesthetic result.



Water repellent.


High elasticity.


Mildew resistant.


Stable quality and color shade throughout the application process.


Νο loss of material as it is stored in the package after use.


Available in many colours.

Application video

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