With the new Sports Court Paint System, Berling innovates in the Court construction and maintenance field, providing a complete system, ensuring the quality, the endurance and the durability during the sports activities while securing the safety of the athletes.

Berling’s Sport Court Paint, is applied in 3 stages, regardless of any solid sub-base substrate.
No adhesion priming is required, if the the substrate is stable, cementitious or bitumen based.
Loose substrates must go through inspection first.

Berling's Sport Court Paint, is applied in 3 or 4 stages, depending on the solid sub-base substrate.
First stage of application
Apply one or two crosswise coats with 24 hours interval time the Berling Bituminous Emulsion, along with the addition of quartz sand up to 50% by weight and water up to 20-30%. Average consumption for two coats reaches up to 1,5 kgs per m2.
Coating the surface with Sport Court Paint
Second stage of application
After 24 hours, apply two coats crosswise of Berling's Sport Court Paint reinforced with quartz sand. Average consumtion for a finished surface ranges from 1,5 kgs to 2,0 kgs per m2. Interval time betwwen the first and second coat is 24 hours.
Court Marking
Third stage of application
24 hours later, begin the court marking by applying one or two coats of the solvent based, alkyd polyurethane Betofloor or with Berling's Marking Paint. All the court marking lines should be of the same shade (preferably white), 5-10 cm wide and fully visible.
Old already painted surfaces
In the case of re-coating already painted surfaces, the substrate must be sanded with mechanical means (i.e mosaic grinder No 12), the substrate must be cleaned from dust and then follow the above procedure of new concrete surfaces. The use of Berling's Bituminous Emulsion is optional.


The application is carried out at an ambient temperature of 12 ° C to 30 ° C and a maximum relative humidity of 75%.

Do not apply when there is a chance of rain, fog or snow for the next 48 hours.

The substrate must be stable, sealed, without moisture, occasional crakcs must be repaired with the suitable sealing and repairing agents. The smooth rainwater run-offs should be implemented. Before the start of any application, the surfaces to be painted should be dry, free of grease, salts, dust, and foreign materials. The humidity of the substrate before starting work should be less than 3%.

In the case of new surfaces bituminous or concrete, the painting works must begin 28 days after the materials fully cure.

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