Anti-corrosive enamel for wooden and metal surfaces with great hiding power and glossiness.








Excellent quality non yellowing enamel, suitable for exterior use with excellent resistance to weather changes and wear. Ideal for all types of metal and wooden surfaces. (Shades:Νο 708, 712, 717, 730, 733, 737, 738, 739, 740, 741, 743, 744, 748, White 750, Black 760, Black Matt, 1007, 1620, 1820. 709, 713, 719, 734, 735).
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Enamel
  • According to 2004/42/EC
  • Can be tinted
Product Category: SOLVENT ENAMELS

Item Codes – Description – Barcodes

114705.075LDUCO BASE Α” 0.75lt5204660054181
114705.2.5LDUCO BASE Α” 2.5lt5204660054167
114707.075LDUCO BASE C 0.750lt5204660054648
114707.2.5LDUCO BASE C 2.5lt5204660053627
114717.0200LDUCO Νο 717 0,200Lt5204660062360
114717.0375LDUCO Νο 717 0,375Lt5204660062377
114717.075LDUCO No717 0.750lt5204660054471
114723.0200LDUCO Νο 723 0,200Lt5204660102059
114723.0375LDUCO Νο 723 0.375Lt5204660095344
114723.075LDUCO Νο 723 0.75Lt5204660095351
114727.0200LDUCO Νο 707 0.200Lt5204660102035
114727.0375LDUCO Νο 707 0.375Lt5204660095801
114727.075LDUCO Νο 707 0.75Lt5204660095818
114729.0200LDUCO Νο 709 0.200Lt5204660059957
114729.0375LDUCO Νο 709 0.375Lt5204660057267
114729.075LDUCO Νο 709 0.75Lt5204660057250
114734.0200LDUCO Nο 734 0,200Lt5204660061400
114734.0375LDUCO Νο 734 0.375Lt5204660059360
114734.075LDUCO Νο 734 0.750lt5204660054440
114734.2.5LDUCO Νο 734 2.5lt5204660054297
114735.0200LDUCO Νο 735 0.200Lt5204660059131
114735.0375LDUCO Νο 735 0.375Lt5204660059124
114735.075LDUCO Νο 735 0.75Lt5204660056536
114735.2.5LDUCO Νο 735 2.5Lt5204660060571
114737.0200LDUCO Νο 737 0.200Lt5204660059742
114737.0375LDUCO Νο 737 0.375Lt5204660059759
114737.075LDUCO Νο 737 0.75lt5204660054822
114738.0200LDUCO Νο 738 0,200Lt5204660061745
114738.0375LDUCO Νο 738 0.375Lt5204660057328
114738.075LDUCO Νο 738 0.75Lt5204660057311
114739.0200LDUCO Νο 739 0.200Lt5204660061059
114739.0375LDUCO Νο 739 0.375L5204660059780
114739.075LDUCO Νο 739 0.75lt5204660054631
114740.0200LDUCO Νο 740 0,200Lt5204660062414
114740.0375LDUCO Νο 740 0.375Lt5204660059438
114740.075LDUCO Νο 740 0.75lt5204660054662
114743.0200LDUCO Νο 743 0,200Lt5204660062346
114743.0375LDUCO Νο 743 0.375Lt5204660062353
114743.075LDUCO Νο 743 0.75Lt5204660056628
114744.0200LDUCO Νο 744 0,200Lt5204660061394
114744.0375LDUCO Νο 744 0.375Lt5204660060724
114744.075LDUCO Νο 744 0.75Lt5204660055706
114748.0200LDUCO Νο 748 0.200Lt5204660060939
114748.0375LDUCO Νο 748 0.375Lt5204660059216
114748.075LDUCO Νο 748 0.75Lt5204660059223
114750.0200LDUCO WHITE 0.200Lt5204660057458
114750.0375LDUCO WHITE 0.375Lt5204660057441
114750.075LDUCO WHITE 0.750lt5204660054198
114750.2.5LDUCO WHITE 2.5lt5204660053368
114754.0375LDUCO Νο 729 0.375Lt5204660095450
114754.075LDUCO Νο 729 0.75Lt5204660095443
114756.0200LDUCO Νο 720 0.200Lt5204660095702
114756.0375LDUCO Νο 720 0.375Lt5204660095719
114756.075LDUCO Νο 720 0.75Lt5204660095726
114757.0375LDUCO Νο 702 0.375Lt5204660095733
114757.075LDUCO Νο 702 0.75Lt5204660095740
114760.0200LDUCO BLACK 0.200Lt5204660057502
114760.0375LDUCO BLACK 0.375Lt5204660057496
114760.075LDUCO BLACK 0.750lt5204660054150
114760.2.5LDUCO BLACK 2.5lt5204660053405
114761.075LDUCO BLACK MAT 0.750lt5204660094378
114761.2.5LDUCO BLACK MAT 2.5lt5204660094385

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