Color suggestions

Discover the key to decorative art through the creation of impressive spaces through the use of color.

Nothing is easier than changing colors! With a simple paint job, you can give new character to your home with ease and economy.

Berling‘s “Colour Suggestions” fandeck offers 60 different shade combinations in packs to help you choose the right shades for your space. Each fandeck page includes 4 decorative colors that can be combined with each other, offering a total of 240 different color variations.

You can choose between neutral and traditional combinations or create modern and dynamic color combinations. Discover the variety of color combinations and be surprised by the result you will create!


The color samples photos may deviate from reality because of the limitations of each screen display or printing For the full range of shades visit your nearest paint shop

Tip 1: We recommend visiting the closest paint shop and asking for our colorcard or create a sample for you.

Tip 2: Before painting interior or exterior surfaces we recommend asking for the specifications, surface preparation and any technical points in order to ensure great paint application results!

Tip 3: Choose the color code you like and ask for the quantity you want.

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