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Chalk Paint

Baroque - Chalk Paint

With Berling Baroque chalk paint, you can paint any surface you can think of.!

You can decorate many surfaces such as wood, metal and plastic surfaces, surfaces from bricks and cement and already painted or varnished surfaces. Chalk paints are usually applied on wooden surfaces. Mainly in old furnitures which we want to renew or new furnitures to give them a vintage look. Baroque Chalk Paint has a Matt Velvet sheen like the actual chalk. Hence the name inspiration! Additionally in the Matt finish, the main styles that can be achieved are the vintage, shabby chic and decoupage.

Baroque Chalk Paint, brings an aura of freshness and gives new breath to your furniture. It helps you to transform easily, quickly, and economically, any surface you choose!

Ready shades

Transforming my objects with BAROQUE chalk paint Baroque because...

On most surfaces no preparation is needed
No sanding or priming required
High coverage
Quick Drying

Baroque Chalk Paint

Baroque chalk paint is available in14 ready shades

Baroque Varnish

I protect my creation with BAROQUE VARNISH succeeding...

Impact Protection

Prevent Peeling-off

Maintain the result for a longer time

Where can I buy it?

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