Exterior Colour Card

Discover the new color collection of BERLING – Exterior Colourcard, a sophisticated color chart that offers shades ideal for exterior surfaces and many other applications, interior and exterior. With 136 different shades, you have the opportunity to choose the ones that reflect your personal taste, harmonize with the style of your building and fit harmoniously with your environment.

The shades of this color chart are specifically designed to maintain their original vitality for longer, withstanding UV-solar radiation and adverse weather conditions. By choosing shades from this color chart for your exterior surfaces, you can enjoy the color you have chosen, unchanged for longer!

Choose the BERLING – Exterior Colourcard for unique and durable surfaces that will maintain their aesthetics even in adverse weather conditions.


The color samples photos may deviate from reality because of the limitations of each screen display or printing For the full range of shades visit your nearest paint shop

Tip 1: We recommend visiting the closest paint shop and asking for our colorcard or create a sample for you.

Tip 2: Before painting interior or exterior surfaces we recommend asking for the specifications, surface preparation and any technical points in order to ensure great paint application results!

Tip 3: Choose the color code you like and ask for the quantity you want.

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