Discover the dazzling shades of water and solvent based paints for cement.

With the choice of shades such as white, gray and tile red, you can create unique and sophisticated aesthetics in your space.

The waterborne cement paint offers excellent durability and aesthetics for various surfaces.

Whether it’s floors, garages or outdoor sidewalks, the cement paint is the ideal choice. The wide range of shades, such as white, gray and tile red, allows you to create unique designs and customize the color according to your style and preferences.

In addition, solvent based cement paint offers options such as white, lead, anthracite, tile red and green.Betofloor is ideal for pavement surface, offering durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Especially in the Cyclades, Betofloor has high usage, as it is used to paint sidewalks with the well-known Cycladic markings, giving a unique and traditional style to your space.

With the variety of shades and excellent properties of our cement paints, you can give vitality and uniqueness to every surface they touch. Discover the quality and aesthetics of our cement paints and create an environment that stands out!

Available ready shades for waterborne cement paint

Grey 1194

Tile Red (Asbestos cement roof)

Available ready shades in Betofloor

Tile Red



GREEN 1184


The color samples photos may deviate from reality because of the limitations of each screen display or printing For the full range of shades visit your nearest paint shop

Tip 1: We recommend visiting the closest paint shop and asking for our colorcard or create a sample for you.

Tip 2: Before painting interior or exterior surfaces we recommend asking for the specifications, surface preparation and any technical points in order to ensure great paint application results!

Tip 3: Choose the color code you like and ask for the quantity you want.

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