The continuous improvement of our business operation and the importance of producing quality products and services prompted the company to develop and implement a standard Quality Assurance System. The company's continuous research, the design and the production of new products have played an important role in matching the market needs and promoting innovative products of advanced composition. The company has obtained all necessary permits and approvals of the relevant Authorities.


Berling S.A. works hard to ensure the consistent quality of products and services and to focus on continuous improvement. Thus, adopted very early the implementation of a quality system conforming to the requirements of standard ISO 9001. So for the first time in 1998, Berling was certified by ISO 9001:1998. When the certification expired in 2001, Berling decided the new certification should be issued in accordance with ISO 9001:2000, and in 2010, proceeded to develop a quality system in accordance with the new version of the standard ISO 9001:2008.




ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001 - 2015



Also, the environmental sensitivity of the company led it to the development and implementation of an Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001 and EMAS Regulation of the European Union for which Berling was first certified in 2006.


Bering’s effort to protect the environment led to the design and production of the first eco plastic paint in Greece called Petite, which was awarded the Eco-label by the European Union in 1998. Staying faithful to this approach, a range of eco products has been added.​