Breathe FreelyCounteract FormaldehydePaint and Protect your House from Toxic Pollutantwith Forma Free

Counteract Formaldehyde with Forma Free and Take Deep Breaths

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Sick Building Syndrome (SBS)

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eye irritationheadachethroat irritationnose irritation

eye irritationnose irritationthroat irritationheadachefatiguedizzinessnausea


Where Indoor Air Pollutants Are Created?

Cigarette smoke, Radiators / Fireplaces, Wooden Floors & Ceilings, Wall Paints, Storage spaces, MDF / Laminate, Computers, Doors, Furniture


Healthier Indoor Living

FormaFree is the most developed and functional paint in Greek paint industry. It is a high-quality paint with functional characteristics. It is tested by the leading European laboratory Eurofins which specializes in the area of indoor air quality. It was classified into A+ category, that is the highest category for paints.


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What’s in indoor air?

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Paints, glues and varnishes, wood preservatives, cleaning supplies, office equipment, furniture

Airborne particles

Airborne particles

Diesel exhaust, black carbon, dust, smoke, fiber, plant material, hair, pollen

Household odor and gases

Household odor and gases

Cooking odors, pet smells, cigarette smoke, chemicals, sink or drain smells



Bacteria, mould, yeasts, mites and viruses