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Hammered finish shades for metallic surfaces and equipments.

Ideal for decorative and industrial signs. Special-purpose fast drying solvent paint, which gives the appearance of hammered surface. Painted directly on clean steel surfaces. Suitable for galvanized steel and aluminum, provided the application of the appropriate undercoat prior. Available also as a primer to reach numerous shades using the Berling color system. This product is not appropriate for exterior use. The products of Berling carry certification trademarks of inspection and certification bodies.

 F601  F602   F603   F604    F605  
  F606   F607    F608    F609    F610  
 F611 F612  F613  F614  F615 
 F616 F617  F618  F619  F620 

Note: The color samples photos may deviate from reality because of the limitations of each screen display or printing.

Tip 1: We recommend visiting the closest paint shop and asking for our colorcard or create a sample for you.

Tip 2: Before painting interior or exterior surfaces we recommend asking for the specifications, surface preparation and any technical points in order to ensure great paint application results!

Tip 3: Choose the color code you like and ask for the quantity you want.