People working at Berling love color and they deal with it in detail every day, so they live with it and know its multiple eccentricities. They are able to show you how to love your space more, with both a simple proposal and a more complex proposition, help you in your final selection. We make sure that our people combine their experience, qualifications and systematic training with the latest developments in the field of color.


We have very capable staff with scientific, academic and technical training. They give sufficient attention to detail and respect and listen to our customers and partners with consistency and professionalism.


Job Opportunities​

Berling gives special importance to people. We’re always close to young people and professionals, filled with eagerness and enthusiasm, giving them the necessary tools and training to become experienced and accomplished professionals within the market. In Berling, new associates quickly learn everything they need to know about their area of responsibility. In addition, through internal employee discussions they are able to express their views adding to the total know-how of the company.


We at Berling do not work just to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves but also to achieve results that make us proud, to love our work and to highlight individual and team skills through a collective effort.


If you believe that color has your name, please send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Thank you for your interest in our company.