We collaborate with companies who share our vision while meeting the needs of our customers with quality products that cover an enormous range of applications and styles. The experience and expertise in the field of paint is a catalyst that sparks confidence in our partners and in the dedication of our joint effort for quality, service and support of the end user.



Since 1986 Berling has had a dynamic cooperation with the Finnish Company TIKKURILA OYJ FINLAND with structural, decorative and industrial paints available. Apart from building (Deco) products, Berling distributes a wide range of industrial paints, TIKKURILA COATINGS, as a member of the Temaspeed sales network.


Principal elements:​

  • Exclusive distribution of decorative and industrial paints in Greece and Cyprus.
  • Very wide range of industrial paints.
  • Knowledge and know-how transfer through systematic education and information.


Cooperation with the Italian PARAMATTI SA ITALY since the beginning of the ‘90s with exclusive distribution of decorative paints and specialty products. An important addition in developing international partnerships with quality products for Greek consumers.

Strategic Partnerships