BERLING S.A  is a Greek Paint Manufacturing Industry founded in 1968 with 52 years of presence in the Greek market.

Since its establishment, the company, continues to grow with constant improvements and investments. It has designed, organized and implemented many investment projects and has relocated to 3 production units, changing production process technologies.

This led the company, to operate in Inofyta, since 1992, while in 2009 after the last investment program of € 17 million, Berling has a state-of-the-art privately owned unit of 27,000m2 and building infrastructure of 15,000m2.

Berling has one of the best and most modern production lines in Europe and this is recognized by all 23 exporting countries, that strengthen the company’s multinational character.

The automated production line ensures the quality of products through the closed production system, maturation and packaging of products.The result of this process it to provide the end user, with a perfect product, produced with advanced technology.

BERLING has passion for color, and for the quality of its materials, and that is why from the beginning it always tries to evolve and offer new experiences to its partners.

BERLING  is the first company that:

  • Implemented in Greece the use of tinting machines
  • Seals its premium materials with a safety film
  • Was awarded the first eco-label in Greece for the production of the 1st Greek ecological product by all production sectors.
  • Implemented a universal quality management system, environmental management and occupational health and safety management system.
  • It brought A + products to the Greek market
  • Almost all over Europe gave the experience to users of functional paint.

All at Berling have promised that every year we will offer new experiences to our partners, and every year we achieve this by offering new technologically innovative products.

Apart from the Greek market, 23 other foreign countries trust our environmental orientation and the superiority of our products.