The company has a significant and dedicated national network of experienced partners, from which you can seek our products. You can get information about a specific product, be directed to the product that corresponds to your needs, get advice on the correct implementation depending on the type of surface you wish to paint, be instructed on how to use the product you have chosen or even ask help and advice based on our colourcards, after you have been recommended with thousands of fantastic shades. You can also ask about the certifications of our products, new and ecological and get advice on everything else you need in order to begin painting your preferred space.

Become a Berling Partner / Exports contact information

Thank you for your interest in cooperation with Berling. The choice of new partners is key to customer service and a unique experience for you as it will enhance your paint store with new and unique quality products while also receiving Berling’s support. Berling, supports its partners understands and cares for their needs.

Learn about the unique cooperation benefits with Berling. To receive more information and to learn about the process of integrating a new partner or interested in starting export business, please contact our sales department by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (0030) 22620-31663.


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