Berling, yesterday and today

Lasting Presence, Modernization, Innovation

BERLING - K. G. KONSTANDINIDIS S.A., was founded in 1983 by Kyriakos Konstantinidis. After a restructure of the company in 1994, BERLING S.A. is operating with today’s legal form as BERLING S.A..


The company’s headquarters and production facility is based in Inofita – Viotia, in a fully modern established plant covering a land area of 27.000 m2 and buildings area of 13.000 m2.


Innovative ideas - Applications - Innovation​


  • 1975 Berling was the first in Greece to introduce the use of color  tinting machines to achieve (at the point of sale) the desired color tint desired by the client.
  • 1995 Berling introduced the idea of a container "sealed" with plastic film in order to ensure the quality of the product (packaging containers 3lt/9lt for the products BERLING, MONOSTOP, SUPERSTORM, ACRYLUX, PETITE MAT).
  • 1998 First Eco-label for Greece awarded to Berling S.A. for the Eco-paint Petite from the European Union.
  • 2004 Introduced and implemented the safest mode of transport packaging in canisters of 3lt and 9lt on a pallet to use - except with internal winding stretch film - external hard paper packaging. Thus, the possibility of accidents during transport, with potential environmental impacts, has been eliminated.
  • 2010-2011 Berling first created innovative packages which show the selected color through a special transparent 'window' on the side of the pack (Tulip series).