Our customers and partners have shown their confidence for many years through a substantial benefit from a long and deep technological and industrial experience of paint. The significant transfer of colors knowledge in the Greek market and the creation of added value for the customer are the key strategy elements for Berling which unfold in two areas: Customer & Quality.


Focusing on the Customer (individuals, professionals, users), the continuous satisfaction and service of those who selected, continue or begin to choose our certified quality products and sophisticated styles in order to paint their house, their business or other surfaces, is for us a great reward for the company’s employees efforts.


Focusing on Quality, which is the primary basis for our development, we always strive to produce quality products that meet our customers’ requirements. As a result of this long effort our company has been recognized by public and private entities with several distinctions and awards in Greece and abroad.


Research & Development​

We annually and consistently invest in research and development of new colors, color combinations and styles that we consider necessary to meet and match the needs of our market. Research and Development plays a particularly important role in this effort since it is supported by a wide range of modern laboratory equipment for the daily and systematic inspection and testing of raw material, to ensure that they are easy for use and environmentally friendly. These tests are carried out on current and new product paint procedures.

Berling is at the forefront of developments and follows with particular interest the new technology systems and new ideas to create and use functional structures through nanotechnology. At the same time, we give special emphasis to the development of new building products and green/ecological products.