The company, recognizing the need to continually improve its environmental performance based on the principles of sustainable development and compliance with laws and international standards, aims for a balanced economic development in harmony with nature.

Within this context of defined ecological concept within its general operations, Berling studied, planned and implemented from the beginning of 2005, the Environmental Management System according to standard ELON EN ISO 14000:2004 and ΕΜΑS Regulation of the European Union. These systems are applied in all departments of the company from management to production, sales and distribution of its products. Furthermore, the new facility has all the necessary environmental permits for operation, ensuring complete non-pollution of air, soil and groundwater.

Berling’s permanent objective and policy, from production design to product disposal, is to ensure environmental protection. This ecological sensitivity and environmental vision are the concepts that underline the company's staff mentality. It is this established environmental consciousness that dictates what we do, and perform in the light of respect towards the environment.