The ecological orientation of the company has started since many years and continuous with the production of new products.

Within the effort for innovation and respect to the environment, we created in the design and production of the first Greek ecological paint ‘Petite’ which was awarded the first Eco-label from the European Union in April 1998.

In June 2001, The Deputy Minister of Environment, Energy & Climate Change awarded the European Union Eco-label to the product ‘Aqua-Lux’.

Also, the company is in close co-operation with the Ministry and participates actively in the conversations of the European Union about the re-examination of the ecological measures, based on which, the ecological trademark is granted.

Within our certified ecological products some examples include: 
Petite Satin, Berling Eco-Emulsion, Nature Aqualux Satin, Nature Aqualux Gloss, Eco-Leader Professional, Eco Emulsion Base A, Nature Aqualux Satin Base Α, Nature Aqualux Gloss Base Α, Tulip Emulsion, Tulip Façade, Tulip Fresco, Tulip Emulsion Base Α, whereas new additions from 2011 include Petite Matt, YES emulsion, Leader Base C and Eco Emulsion Base C. All the above conform to the ecological criteria of the European Union (Decision 2009/544/ΕΚ) and have been awarded the eco label sign from ASAOS 

Specifically, products that receive ecological certification have the following features: The amount of white pigment is reduced while ensuring adequate coverage, the pigments are produced according to strict ecological criteria, the product releases less solvent, the product does not contain heavy metals or toxic substances.